Anxiety medication – the role it plays in ED treatment

Anxiety medication is, as the name suggests, associated with treatment of mental state of anxiety. What is perhaps lesser known is that anxiety medication plays an important role in ED treatment as well. Most people tend to believe that ED is a physiological problem. In reality, the majority cases of ED have a psychological component. Mental state of anxiety can greatly influence erection in males: they fail to achieve an erection and are unable to penetrate when they are in a state of anxiety. This makes it necessary that anxiety medication is used for treating ED instead of the commonly prescribed pills like Viagra. Treatment of anxiety is done with anti-anxiety drugs like high potency benzodiazepines. These are high potent drugs that can be addictive if not taken under medical supervision. People get used to these drugs and may need higher doses to get the same effect. As such, benzodiazepines are prescribed only for a short term.

The basic fact about erectile dysfunction is that occasional ED is common with all men. This should not be treated as a disorder. Many times men are so tired or bring home their office worries, which cause anxiety. Occasional instances of failure to reach an erection and inability to penetrate is a transitional phase and may go away the moment men are relaxed, which may be a couple of hours later. Such occasional instances do not require anxiety medication. Anti anxiety medication should be taken only after the condition has been identified by a doctor specializing in mental disorders like depression, panic disorders and anxiety.

Another aspect of anxiety mediation for ED treatment pertains to the side effects of the drugs used. These drugs are not only habit forming but have serious side effects as well. Side effects of anxiety medication drugs can sometimes be more serious than ED. The first step should be to consult a psychiatrist who may deem fit to first prescribe anti anxiety medication and then suggest psychotherapy for treating anxiety. The specialist tries to bring out the agents that are causing anxiety and then suggest different ways of looking at life situations. This is a safer treatment and may not require any medication beyond the initial prescription to calm down.

Anxiety disorders include panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, social and specific phobias and generalized anxiety disorder. In severe instances anxiety medication and antidepressants may be unavoidable. To avoid side effects it is necessary that the patient visits the psychiatrist on regular basis. If medication has been prescribed this is all the more necessary.

Erectile dysfunction by itself may sometimes be a cause of anxiety. It is necessary to establish first whether ED is due to anxiety or the other way round. The better course for anxiety related ED treatment is psychotherapy. Anxiety medication may be used only as a last resource to avoid problems of addiction and other side effects.

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